IFIP TC 7 / 2013 - Minisymposia

  • Christian Clason, Universt├Ąt Graz

"Computational methods for inverse problems in Banach spaces"

Historically, inverse problems were predominantly posed in Hilbert spaces. Although this is indeed the correct setting for many physical models (e.g., those involving energy terms), it is just as often simply due to convenience and numerical tractability, and a Banach space setting would be more natural, e.g., for parameter identification problems for partial differential equations, image processing using total-variation-type penalties, or inverse problems subject to non-Gaussian noise. While the regularization theory for inverse problems in Banach spaces has seen tremendous progress in the last decade, computational methods for their solution have been less well studied. However, their development is a crucial issue since they need to reflect the relevant structural properties of the Banach space setting even after discretization.

The goal of this minisymposium therefore is to bring together researchers working in this area, whose contributions range from the development and analysis of general Banach space algorithms to use in concrete applications.