IFIP TC 7 / 2013 - Minisymposia

  • Reinhard Neck, AAU

"Computational optimization methods in statistics, econometrics and finance"

The scope of quantitative research in economics and finance broadens due to the increasing availability of data sets and to the increased processing capacities of computers. In order to deal with these data new statistical procedures are developed, which require algorithmic and computational innovations. Moreover, both economic and financial problems themselves and the statistical procedures required to analyse the data often result in highly complex optimization problems. Novel optimization procedures are required to tackle these problems without imposing unrealistic assumptions. Results of the EU Training Network COMISEF (www.comisef.eu), which contributed to the development of these methods, their statistical analysis and their application to problems in statistics, econometrics and finance, will be presented at that Minisymposium. In addition, researchers working in these fields not connected to COMISEF are invited to join, present their research and enter a fruitful interaction with former COMISEF members.