IFIP TC 7 / 2013 - Minisymposia

  • Wojciech Mitkowski, AGH University, Krakow,
  • Krzysztof Oprzędkiewicz, AGH University, Krakow

"Fractional order calculus: applications in modeling and control"

Results of recent investigations show, that fractional – order models better describe real dynamic systems, than integer – order models. The fractional – order approach appears in a number of modified physical laws, describing phenomena from electricity, solid-state physics, heat transfer etc.

Our minisymposium is dedicated to present selected results from application a fractional order calculus in modeling and control of dynamic systems. Particularly the following problems are going to be discussed:
  • Optimal control of fractional order systems,
  • Identification of fractional order models,
  • Fractional order control algorithms and their implementation at different platforms (PLC/PAC, FPGA, microcontrollers).